GEN2 Wheel Bearing Kit 72mm - for VAG

Article No LA 5473

Generation II (GEN2) type wheel bearings consist of a combined bearing and drive flange (hub), which cannot be separated, therefore require special tools for both removal and fitting of new bearings. The Laser Tools range includes a number of individually sized kits, along with upgrade kits to allow for expansion of applications of different sized bearings without always having to purchase complete new kits for each bearing size - by using clamshells, force plates and pins, the tool ensures that the load of insertion is taken only on the outer race of the bearing. The kits are also designed to allow for extraction of the relevant bearing, without removing the ABS Sensor.

  • Applications (vehicles equipped with PAS): Audi A2; Seat Ibiza; Skoda Fabia and Roomster; Volkswagen Fox and Polo.
  • For removing and installing the wheel hubs and bearings on VAG models. The extraction adaptor (572-6) for GEN2 bearing kits has been designed to allow the extraction of the relevant bearings without removing the ABS sensor.
  • Suitable for 72mm diameter wheel bearings.
  • Replacement spares available - Force Screw (Part No. 0454), Pin (Part No. 0621) and Thrust Bearing (Part No. 0662).
  • IMPORTANT: ensure the threaded bar and thrust bearing are well lubricated with molybdenum disulphide grease before use.
Article No LA 5473
Description GEN2 Wheel Bearing Kit 72mm - for VAG


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