Wheel Nut Torsion Socket Set 3pc

Article No LA 6679

A set of three 1/2"D torsion sockets, designed to prevent wheel nuts from being over tightened when using an impact wrench. It limits the torque applied to 108Nm (80ft.lb), to help prevent stripped threads or damaging the wheel nuts/bolts, so that a torque wrench can then be used for the final tightening to the manufacturer’s specified torque figure.

  • Specifically designed torsion sockets which torque up to 80ft.lb (108Nm). Only use with an impact wrench.
  • Prevents over tightening of wheel nuts (NB. Always use a torque wrench & normal socket to check the torque after).
  • Sizes: 17, 19, 21mm x 120mm 6pt x 1/2"D.
  • Use with Laser Part Nos. 5586 or 5585.
  • Manufactured from chrome molybdenum.
Article No LA 6679
Description Wheel Nut Torsion Socket Set 3pc


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