Brake Caliper Wrench Set 5pc - for HGV

Article No LA 7160

3/4"D brake caliper wrench set for the assembly & removal of the brake caliper screw connections on commercial vehicles.

  • Contents: Torx®: E18, E20, E24; Bi-Hex (12pt): M24, M26.
  • Torx® Applications: E18 - MAN TGL, TGM; E20 - MAN TGL, TGM; E24 - MAN TGA, TGS, TGX.
  • Bi-Hex Applications: M24 - SAF; M26 - DAF XF, XF95, XF105, XF106.
  • Lasered formula for calculating the correct effective length with two striking faces for access.
Article No LA 7160
Description Brake Caliper Wrench Set 5pc - for HGV


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