Engine/Gearbox Support

Article No LA 5750

Designed for transverse-engined vehicles, the frame will support the engine and/or gearbox when carrying out repair operations like clutch or gearbox removal, DMF change, removing and replacing engine and gearbox mounts, for cam belt replacement, etc.

  • With car on ramp, engine/gearbox position and height can be adjusted from underneath.
  • Once support frame is secured in position, vehicle ramp can be moved up and down.
  • Length of frame, position of thrust pins, mounting support hooks and main support pad is fully adjustable to suit many applications.
  • Frame length: 600mm - 930mm (fully extended). Maximum width of thrust pins: 300mm (position 1), 500mm (position 2). Maximum load 400kg.
Article No LA 5750
Description Engine/Gearbox Support


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