Tools set, bits

Article No K 26182 What do the symbols mean?

Article No K 26182
Description Bits and adapters, 55 pcs.

Items includedContents
K 11100Bits 25 mm PH0
K 11101Bits 25 mm PH1
K 11102Bits 25 mm PH2
K 11103Bits 25 mm PH3
K 11104Bits 25 mm PH4
K 11105Bits 25 mm PZD0
K 11106Bits 25 mm PZD1
K 11107Bits 25 mm PZD2
K 11108Bits 25 mm PZD3
K 11109Bits 25 mm PZD4
K 11113Bits 25 mm T8
K 11114Bits 25 mm T10
K 11115Bits 25 mm T15
K 11116Bits 25 mm T20
K 11117Bits 25 mm T25
K 11118Bits 25 mm T27
K 11119Bits 25 mm T30
K 11120Bits 25 mm T40
K 11122Bits 25 mm TP8
K 11124Bits 25 mm TP10
K 11125Bits 25 mm TP15
K 11126Bits 25 mm TP20
K 11127Bits 25 mm TP25
K 11128Bits 25 mm TP27
K 11129Bits 25 mm TP30
K 11130Bits 25 mm TP40
K 11131Bits 25 mm Hex head 2 mm
K 11132Bits 25 mm Hex head 2.5 mm
K 11133Bits 25 mm Hex head 3 mm
K 11134Bits 25 mm Hex head 4 mm
K 11135Bits 25 mm Hex head 5 mm
K 11136Bits 25 mm Hex head 6 mm
K 11137Bits 25 mm Hex head 7 mm
K 11138Bits 25 mm Hex head 8 mm
K 11140Bits 50 mm PH1
K 11141Bits 50 mm PH2
K 11142Bits 50 mm PH3
K 11143Bits 50 mm PZD1
K 11144Bits 50 mm PZD2
K 11145Bits 50 mm PZD3
K 11146Bits 50 mm T10
K 11147Bits 50 mm T15
K 11148Bits 50 mm T20
K 11149Bits 50 mm T25
K 11150Bits 50 mm T27
K 11151Bits 50 mm T30
K 11152Bits 50 mm T40
K 11153Bits 50 mm Hex head 4 mm
K 11154Bits 50 mm Hex head 5 mm
K 21068Bits adapter 1/4" with lock
K 21069Bits holder 1/4" with magnet and lock
K 3915Bits adapter, 1/4" drive
K 6100Ratchet wrench for bits 1/4"
K 6129Angle driver for 1/4" bits
K 63034Bits holder, magnetic

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