Diesel Injector Fuel Return Flow Tester

Artikkelnr. LA 5260

A return fuel volume tester (leak-off tester) for common rail (CR) and conventional diesel injectors. Designed to be connected to each of the injector fuel return (leak-off) connectors so that leak off volume of all injectors can be accurately measured at the same time. Laser Tools Part No. 5260 measures the return fuel flow on engines up to ten cylinders. Assists with the diagnosis of poor engine performance due to worn or blocked injectors. A faulty or partially blocked injector will send extra fuel back to the fuel tank; running the engine for just a few seconds with the tester fitted will show up a faulty injector by reading a higher level of fuel in the graduated fuel chambers. Very easy to fit, just pop off the return pipe connectors on the injectors and substitute with the fuel lines from the tester. This kit includes adaptors for Bosch, Siemens, Denso and Delphi common rail injectors.

  • Ideal diagnostic tool for diesel engines, up to 10 cylinders.
  • 40 Adaptors for Bosch, Siemens, Denso & Delphi common rail diesel systems.
  • 10 easy to read, graduated, fuel chambers.
  • All supplied in a rugged blow mould carry case.
  • Additional connectors from the Connect range of leak off connectors are also available.
Article No LA 5260
Description Diesel Injector Fuel Return Flow Tester

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