About Kamasa Tools

It's easy to describe the feeling of holding a quality tool in your hand. You can feel it. The harmony between ergonomics, function, and materials makes work more effective and more fun, as well as reducing the risk of injury and wear on both vehicles and mechanics. Read more

When you buy a tool from Kamasa Tools you get a quality product that has been tested, evaluated, and modified, over and over again, in order to meet the expectations of today's professional mechanics. That's always been our most important goal. Our active consultation with mechanics out in the workshops provides valuable feedback that we use in product development for both present and future needs.

Selecting a tool from Kamasa Tools should give you further assurance of quality.

Kamasa Tools throughout the years

  • 1968 The brand name Kamasa was founded by ZJ Kamasa.
  • 1971 The tools begin to be marketed under the brand name Kamasa Tools.
  • 1977 The Kamasa Tools cooperation is purchased by KG Knutsson AB.
  • 1982 First on the market with an 87-piece tool set.
  • 1991 First in the world with 2-component handles on screwdrivers.
  • 2004 Initiation of work with Development Team.
  • 2007 Two new product ranges: automotive tools and electric power tools.
  • 2009 Launch of a new series of quieter, more powerful, and lighter compressed air tools, as well as a tool range for camshaft lock tools.
  • 2013 Extended trolley and lift range for professional automotive mechanics.
  • 2016 New product line with tools for commercial vehicles.
  • 2018 New product line with Workshop interior