The Kamasa Tools warranty

Our goal is that every tool that leaves manufacturing should be in perfect condition. Despite that, sometimes material and manufacturing defects can arise and may only be detected after use for some time. The Kamasa Tools Warranty provides extra peace of mind when you buy. The warranty entitles you to free repair or replacement with a new product from the current range. Read more

We are proud of the high reliability of our products, from simple hand tools to advanced special tools. As a reliable supplier we also provide a full warranty covering any material or manufacturing defects of the products. A tool from Kamasa Tools is built to last for many years, and therefore the warranty is valid even if you do not have any proof of purchase. Buying tools from Kamasa Tools gives you peace of mind, even long after your purchase.

The Kamasa Tools Warranty is valid under the following conditions:

• The tool is a genuine Kamasa Tools® product
• The tool has been used correctly and as intended
• The tool has been well maintained, cleaned, and lubricated at regular intervals
• The tool has not been overloaded
• The tool is not worn out through normal use

Kamasa Tools Warranty terms
Unless otherwise stated, the warranty applies to all tools under normal conditions of use and gives the right to repair or a new product from the current range.

Exceptions from Kamasa Tools Warranty

• Consumables, i.e. products that normally wear or cease to function after a certain period of use. Examples of such products are drills, screwdriver bits, files, saw blades, knives, and batteries.
• Tools used incorrectly or for a purpose other than that intended, overloaded tools, tools which have worn out due to prolonged use, or inadequately maintained tools.
• Tools that have been modified, altered, or subjected to force majeure type of events.
• Storage boxes, cases, fittings for cabinets and boxes, and other packaging.
• Tools containing electronic, pneumatic, or hydraulic components. A 1-year right to warranty claims, with proof of purchase, applies to these tools.
• Torque wrenches that have not been calibrated are not covered by the warranty.

Handling of warranty claims
If you have a product with a defect in manufacturing or material, hand it in to a Kamasa Tools dealer or designated Kamasa Tools representative. The above conditions will be assessed before any defective tool is replaced. Application of the warranty does not entitle you to compensation of any kind, in addition to the above.