Pipe Bender 3 - 6mm

Artikelnr. LA 4919

Lever style pipe bender for bending brake pipes with ease. The tool head has a flat retaining bar to hold the pipe in place whilst the lower lever pulls the pipe down to form the bend. There are three different groove channel sizes (3mm, 4.75mm and 6mm) to prevent twisting of the pipe whilst bending. Clear side markings provide a useful visual guide for making 45° and 90° bends. The perfect tool for bending the small to medium diameter pipe found in brake pipe maintenance, model engineering and air conditioning.

  • Compact lever style pipe bender for creating smooth 45° & 90° bends. Suitable for use on aluminium, steel, copper & cupro-nickel tubing.
  • 3 channel head designed for small pipe diameters: 3, 4.75, 6mm (1/8", 3/16", 1/4").
  • Ribbed aluminium body for lightness and strength with a durable powder coated finish.
  • Compact design (total tool length: 140mm), ideal for controlled bending of smaller diameter pipes, including brake pipe maintenance & model engineering.
  • Pipe bender for larger diameter pipes (6 - 10mm) available, Laser Part No. 3483.
Article No LA 4919
Description Pipe Bender 3 - 6mm


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