Valve Grinding Sticks with Paste

Article No LA 6229

Complete valve grinding kit includes a pair of double-ended valve lappers and a tin of fine/coarse lapping paste. The lapping sticks have rubber end cups shaped to stick to the valve for accurate manual lapping of the valve head. The coarse 80 grit paste has a fast cutting action to clean through rust and deposits quickly whilst the fine 220 grit paste leaves a refined finish. A simple and effective way to remove surface defects, corrosion and deposits from the valve head to ensure a perfect seal.

  • Pair of valve lapping tools with both fine and coarse grinding paste for manual engine valve lapping.
  • Four cup diameters: 16, 20, 29 and 35mm fit a wide range of valve heads.
  • Grinding sticks have shaped wooden handles for comfort and ease of use. Stick lengths: 210 and 230mm.
  • 110g tin of grinding paste - coarse (80 grit) and fine (220 grit). A fast cutting, non-drip silicon carbide and lithium based formula manufactured in the UK.
  • The paste and grinders are also available separately, please see Part No. 2561 and Part No. 3524.
Article No LA 6229
Description Valve Grinding Sticks with Paste


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