Cylinder Leakage Tester 7 bar (100psi)

Article No LA 5140

A cylinder leakage diagnostic kit, compatible with both diesel and petrol engines. The 100psi (7 bar) working pressure ensures adequate air pressure and flow to all the possible sources of the compression loss as well as showing the percentage lost. Cylinder leakage testing helps quickly and easily identify damaged valves, worn rings, blown head gasket, cracked cylinder heads, etc.

  • For use on both diesel & petrol engines to help diagnose common faults such as; worn piston rings, worn valves, cracked cylinder heads & blown head gaskets, using compressed air.
  • Includes: Dual gauged leak detection unit, 0 - 100psi (0 - 7bar), to display both feed pressure & percentage loss.
  • 3 x 25mm long adaptors: M10, M12 & M14. 2 x 238mm long adaptors for deep seated plugs: M12 & M14.
  • Adaptor hose (300psi) for diesel injection adaptors (as supplied in Laser Part No. 4510, 470mm long) & adaptor hose for spark plug testing on petrol engines (670mm long).
  • Fixed short connection (M14 x 40mm) plus an assortment of O-rings/seals, & supplied in a blow mould carry case. NOTE: Cylinder being tested must be set & locked at TDC with both valves shut.
Article No LA 5140
Description Cylinder Leakage Tester 7 bar (100psi)


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