Tools thoroughly tested in factory

A tool is no stronger than the material from which it is made. Thorough tests and analyses are used to check the raw materials before they are approved for production. We test prototypes for new tools at an early stage, with regards to load, wear, and function. In that way we make sure that tools from Kamasa Tools are of the premium quality that you expect. Read more

Tools from Kamasa Tools are made of wear-resistant and high-strength materials that stand up to daily use in workshops for a long time. With thoroughly designed tests, we ensure that all parts are of the premium quality that is expected by the buyer. The tests in the factories have several purposes, in part to reduce the risk of material defects in finished tools, and in part to attain specified strength, durability, and lifetime. Certain tool categories are especially important from a safety perspective, for example, lifts and jacks or tools with protection against high voltage during service and repairs of electric and hybrid cars.

Materials and hardening
In order to assure the wear resistance and lifetime of the tools, the raw materials need to be of the right quality, in most cases this means high-strength steel. Well-trained inspectors perform analyses of alloyed materials using different tests. Another important area of testing is resistance to substances that are found in automotive workshops, such as oils of different kinds, gasoline, and other hazardous substances.

Impact sockets are examples of tools where mechanical strength plays an extra important role. With the right dimensions and reinforcements at exposed points, we ensure that the tools are up to tough challenges.

Load and wear
Load and wear testing takes place both on prototypes and finished products that are taken directly from production. An example of a test is loading of a ratchet handle with torque up to the level which it is supposed to handle. Wear tests take place through repeated movements, for example, opening and closing of drawers in tool trolleys for a long time. Following repetitive wear for a long time, we dismantle the tool trolley that was tested and investigate wear on all parts involved. Another test example is testing of the ratchet function of ratchet wrenches and combination wrenches.

Kamasa Tools' product range for professional automotive mechanics is made of many different materials, everything from high-strength steel and aluminum to steel-reinforced, fiberglass-reinforced plastic and various rubber mixtures. Regardless of material, the tools are tested to offer the safety that is required in modern automotive workshops.