Tested in workshops

Professional automotive mechanics know best how tools are used and what requirements they must meet. Therefore demanding tool tests on site in automotive workshops are important parts of developing new tools from Kamasa Tools. The test results and viewpoints from the tool tests are used for improvements before the tools are approved and become part of our wide range of tools. We have cooperated and consulted with professional automotive workshops for many years, all to benefit those like you who place high demands on your tools. Read more

Kamasa Tools' product range contains all the workshop equipment a modern automotive workshop needs, from ratchet handles to engine tools, jacks, and tool trolleys. Each test is designed according to the tool's complexity and area of use in order to give answers to important questions:

  • What is the best design of the tool?
  • What improvements give faster service and repairs?
  • How can the automotive mechanic's work be made easier?

Simpler tools like screwdrivers and pliers are often tested on a wide front, by many automotive mechanics at the same time. In this way we get lots of information for adjustments that improve the products. More complex products such as special tools and tool trolleys are tested by mechanics on site at Kamasa Tools to give deeper understanding for the needs during automotive service, truck service, and repairs of all vehicle types.

The tests' design and scope are also adapted to the type of tool. Here are a few examples of test areas:

Design and appearance
A quality tool is characterized by material selection, attention to detail, and product design with a great-looking finish. Like the appearance and the solid feel when you hold a tool from Kamasa Tools.

Function and performance
An impact wrench should be suitably sized, it should be able to handle all bolt sizes, and give good access in tight spaces. A measuring instrument should be rugged and sufficiently accurate for its application. Using tests and assessments, we develop the tools that stand out from the rest.

Functionality and ergonomics
In a workshop setting with oil, grease, gasoline, and dust, a poor grip can cause injuries to mechanics and damage to vehicles. A good grip and correct material selection for the tools reduce the risks significantly. Air tools with low sound level and low vibrations contribute to health benefits and a good work environment.

Efficiency and productivity
Fast service and repairs are important both to the workshops' profitability and competitiveness among customers. Products such as tool trolleys make work easier and give a well-functioning work environment in the workshop.

Safety for mechanics and vehicles
An area where safety is extra important is lifting equipment such as jacks, transmission lifts, and workshop cranes. This also applies to work with hybrid vehicles which involves risky work high voltage.

The results from tests and assessments are used for necessary improvements – so that you will have a tool that always works.