Glow Plug Compression Adaptor Kit - for JLR Diesel

Article No LA 7523

An individual diesel comnpression test adaptor (dummy glow plugs) for use with Laser compression and cylinder leakage kits (Part Nos. 2596, 4510 & 5140). Also suitable for use with many other common compression test kits, increasing the range of applications available.

  • Applications: Jaguar and Land Rover diesel engines including 2.0/2.2(TD4), TDV6, TDV8, Puma 2.0 & 2.2 Ingenium.
  • 3 glow plug adaptors for compression and cylinder leakage testing.
  • Equivalent to OEM 60228, 60229, 60232. Made in Sheffield.
  • Supplied with special 90° angle connector for TDV6.
  • Use with Part No. 4510 diesel compression test kit and Part No. 5140 cylinder leakage tester.
Article No LA 7523
Description Glow Plug Compression Adaptor Kit - for JLR Diesel


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