Spark Plug Socket T-Bar 18mm

Article No LA 5908

An 18mm specialist spark plug socket tool with a T-Bar handle and universal ball joint head for the safe, easy removal of spark plugs, particularly in confined areas. All-in-one tool for convenient spark plug servicing without the need for a separate extension bar or universal joint adaptor. The socket has a rubber insert to protect and retain the spark plug when it is removed and the non-slip T-grip handle provides excellent leverage.

  • 18mm T-bar spark plug socket wrench for spark plug removal in confined areas. Single Hex (6pt) x 65mm long.
  • Outside diameter: 23.79mm; inside depth: 31.12mm.
  • Universal joint swivel head for improved access.
  • Coated grip T-bar handle for greater leverage. Handle length: 140mm, width: 94mm.
  • Smaller sizes available, please see Laser Part Nos. 0246 (16mm) & 0247 (21mm).
Article No LA 5908
Description Spark Plug Socket T-Bar 18mm


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