CV Boot Tool

Article No LA 2971

Designed to make quick, easy work of installing a new CV boot without disassembly. Simple to use, put the boot on the greased cone inside out, slide into place and secure the boot with a clip. Sturdy composite cone with a slick surface for simple install and easy cleaning. Universal tapered design so the tool can be used to assist CV boot installation on most vehicles.

  • Allows fitting of the CV boot without disassembly.
  • Cone made of strong, easy clean composite material.
  • Cone taper: 34 - 101mm; cone length: 320mm; total tool length: 405mm.
  • Steel centre bar with 6mm hole (15.8mm x 15.8mm x 85mm) that can be gripped when pulling the boot over the driveshaft.
  • Suitable for use with universal standard CV boot kit (stretch fit) Part Nos. 37660 & 37661.
Article No LA 2971
Description CV Boot Tool


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