Filling Funnel for AdBlue® - Angled

Article No LA 6865

Designed to screw directly on to the AdBlue® tank filler neck where the vehicle is fitted with an angled filler neck (on the outside of the vehicle alongside the fuel filler neck or in the boot inner wing, etc.) The funnel has a manually operated anti-spill valve which is operated by lifting the valve inside the funnel

  • For safe transfer of AdBlue® from storage containers to the vehicles tank. Equipped with manually operated anti-spill valve.
  • 1100ml transparent funnel with scale.
  • Equipped with a lid to keep out dirt and debris when not in use.
  • Air breather pipe to allow air out of the tank and prevent splashing caused by bubbling.
  • For vertical AdBlue® filler necks, please see Laser Part No. 6856 - Straight AdBlue® Funnel.
Article No LA 6865
Description Filling Funnel for AdBlue® - Angled


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