Brake Pipe Flaring Tool

Article No LA 6728

Compact, hand-held brake pipe flaring tool for convenient on-vehicle brake pipe repair and maintenance even when access is restricted. The tool has a dual head for creating both DIN single flares and SAE double flares and the flare type is clearly marked for easy identification. Simple to use, a stop-plug sets the correct length of pipe and the flare is formed by turning the punch into the cast body to compress the pipe end. The set includes dies and punches for the two most common brake pipe sizes (4.75mm and 3/16") as well as a pot of punch grease. A robust, quality tool engineered to produce precision flares every time.

  • Hand-held brake pipe flaring tool designed for on- or off-vehicle use, ideal for restricted areas.
  • Dual head for forming SAE double and DIN single flares in copper and cupro-nickel brake pipes.
  • For brake pipe diameters: 4.75mm and 3/16".
  • Heavy duty cast body and precision engineered dies for consistent, quality flares.
  • Kit supplied in EVA foam tray for safe tool storage.
Article No LA 6728
Description Brake Pipe Flaring Tool


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