Lever Action Pump - AdBlue®

Article No LA 7145

Lever action pump specifically for use with AdBlue®. Fits 200L drums or barrels, or 1000L IBC tank.

  • Designed for use with AdBlue®, but also suitable for water, lubricants, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid or mild detergents.
  • Smooth lever action pump flow rate of 500cc's per stroke / 20L per minute.
  • Suction pipes length range: 350 - 980mm. 1.6m flexible delivery hose also included.
  • To fit larger 205 or 210 litre containers, an adaptor is available separately - see Laser Part Nos. 60532 or 7621.
  • If pump fails to pump after being left for some time run distilled water through and continue. To prevent this, please pump water through before storing.
Article No LA 7145
Description Lever Action Pump - AdBlue®


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